Gustavo Diego/Leopoldo Jesus

Gustavo Diego/Leopoldo Jesus


Gustavo Diego Rodriguez began his career as a Physical Education Teacher and Coordinator at the Soccer School of Walter Pico and Diego Soñora (former players of the Boca Juniors Athletic Club). 

He is an assistant professor in the theoretical chair of physical education and a titular professor in the didactic chair of playful practices and teaching practice. Currently he is a physical education teacher in Club Atlético Boca Juniors, combining with the sub 11 coach in the lower categories of Boca Juniors.

Leopoldo began his career as a coach of children’s soccer club Jorge Newbery Versailles. After his great work in other teams he was made coordinator in Club Atletico Tigre during 2 years. After his great results in the formation of players Boca Juniors he was set to lead the sub 12 category.

“In grassroots soccer we don’t pick fruit, we put seeds in.


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