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The Smartdatasoccer website offers you to have all the data of your soccer club TALKING.


We are specialists in Big Data. After years of work in this field, we know that one of the most costly factors is the data collection phase. This is where we are pioneers and where we have revolutionized the Big Data market. Our software is innovative, especially in this phase of data collection. We have devised ways to collect data in the most unattended way possible and with reduced costs on a personal and economic level.

Data collection is carried out using voice. While we watch the sport event, we say what data we want to collect, the rest of the work does not need human intervention.

Our platform also offers the possibility to teach our players in a gamma manner.

Another factor that makes our software very useful is the possibility of communicating to coordinators, parents, tutors, representatives all the learning done by the players. The professional reports can be issued in an automated way, saving material costs and, above all, time.

The platform offers the connected users the possibility of a live follow up of all the matches that the soccer club teams are playing at that moment (actions, results, statistics, … .) and also the possibility of reviewing the actions of past matches.

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