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Discovering the best plans for your city has never been easier!

Fever creates a customized list of plans based on your interests.


What are you doing today? Improve your plans. Don’t you know where to go this weekend? No problem. Fever offers a list of the most exciting events, things to do and see in your city, made to measure. It’s time to discover a new side of your city, right in the palm of your hand.

Make a list of your event… We’ll help you reach millions of people looking to discover what the city has to offer, so you can enjoy doing what you do best.

Original Fever Events. Fever’s proven knowledge in the field of event discovery will help you create successful experiences in your city.

Networked events, such as Coach Football Motion, an event for football lovers, from home, at your own pace and to enjoy the beautiful game watching the best coaches on the planet – sign up!

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