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Do you dream of working on what you’re really passionate about? Train at the only Postgraduate School run by Real Madrid. Train your dreams.

The Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea was founded in 2006 with the mission of training future leading professionals who want to carry out their work activity linked to the sports industry.

The alliance between Real Madrid, the most successful sports club in history, and the European University, Spain’s leading institution in comprehensive education, has the mission of helping to promote the professionalization and modernization of the sector from the university level.

The Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea is a pioneering postgraduate school in the world, which focuses its training methodology on the areas of management, sport and health that Real Madrid has been developing for its internal management: Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Marketing, Infrastructures, Legal Services, Communication and Medical Services. It currently has more than 20 postgraduate programmes in all areas, in all of which the executives responsible for each area in the club participate in the academic development of the students, working on practical cases that are part of the day-to-day life of the sports industry, in addition to the prestigious professional numbers that share the classroom with our students.

The quality and academic rigor that the School provides is contrasted with the training of more than 10,500 students in these 12 years, many of whom are today successful professionals in different areas of the sports industry

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