Bendita pretemporada

¡Blessed preseason!

Every season requires extra work. Every season requires a previous and superior effort. And usually without any reward for this initial work.

However, we know that when the tournament starts, when the ball rolls, that great work is rewarded in the green. The physicist accompanies us, the mind thinks faster, the ball runs faster, the teammate moves quickly and gives us help when we need it…

And here we are, ready to start the season. It has been a long preseason with many changes. We have worked both on and off the pitch. We have managed to reach our goals and we have exceeded them. And now the best is here.

We start with our Football Motion Coach at full speed. Football professionals from all over the world. Coaches of all categories, physical trainers, analysts, methodologists from all over the world. And in addition, we have companies that work for and with football, creating materials, programmes, courses, applications and software to make the professionals of this sport improve day by day.

We will also have the opportunity to interview renowned coaches, who will offer us their knowledge and amaze us by revealing their football ideas. And all this gathered in the biggest online football congress ever, to learn, to enjoy, to train and to go even further.

Coach Football Motion aims to be the meeting place of the football planet this year. You can’t miss it.

Go ahead!

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