German Castaños

German Castaños

Speaker / Coach / Consultant / Author – Creativity Innovation Leadership Motivation


My broad and eclectic background allows me to enter the fields of creativity and innovation, motivation and leadership with imaginative ease and knowledge of the field by transferring knowledge and experience from one expertise to another, thus facilitating the approach to disruptive ideas for innovation processes.

I have a Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development from the University of Salamanca (Spain) 

I am the author of four books on Creativity and Innovation (IdeasVip, Gente Positiva, El Pensamiento en Montaña Rusa, Guardiola el ladrón de ideas) that are sold in the most prestigious bookstores in Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, two of them being among the ten best sellers in their respective launches in the category of Motivation and Business. 


“One idea can change the world. Your world can be changed by an idea”.



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