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Interview to Mischa Visser

Welcome to Coach Football Motion, the first global platform aimed at coaches from the base to the elite in which we will find presentations from coaches of the best clubs worldwide and presentations from coaches of the best teams in the world, as is the case today.

Today the coach of the Dutch U17 team, Mischa Visser, is with us.

At Coach Football Motion, we are clear about it! We want to learn from the best coaches in the world, and for that we are going to make a great search in all the countries and their corresponding leagues and selections.
As you well know, all lovers of this sport, professionalism is marked by the way you perform your job, not by the category in which you do it. That is why we will have the best coaches, from all categories and stages of the soccer world.

We encourage you to get to know this great professional a little better and to do so, we leave you with a link to the interview we conducted with him. It’s not wasted!

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